Days are long and the sun is glorious and strong here but “ellos del Momo” like the marina staff are used to call us meaning ‘those of the boat Momo’, are working hard.

We are sorting all the equipment and loose stuff inside Momo trying to reorganize it back in a way that will be easy and handy for us while we’ll be out in the Atlantic.

It has been rainy this morning and when the clouds cleared up we managed to have a wealthy wash to all our sheets and textiles.


In the late afternoon a friend came to visit us.. Jaclyn, Swiss, is carrying a street boys center few hundred meters from here. For these boys visiting Momo is much more than watching any movie.. they have got eyes wide open for everything on board, questioning about any little details especially the tiller (they wonder why there is not a steering wheel) and the engine!Image


The effort that Jaclyn is making for taking these guys out of the street is incredible if looked trough a standard Westerner eye.


4 thoughts on “Niños

  1. Andreas Strand Renberg

    Che piacere vedere questo blog!!! Sono Andreas, vecchio crew del Momo. Sono stato tropo curioso per notizie del vostro arrivo a Zar Par.
    Spero che lei sta in forma, e che l’avete trovato bene. Mi rallegro già per le prossime notizie.
    Un grande saluto a voi (ed a Tillo e Raul)!

  2. Thank you so much for starting this blog. I will be waiting for the next entry. I wish you all the best crossing the ocean. Hugs for all of you especially the guy with the sweet beard and glasses 🙂

  3. How is the motor? I suppose it’s diesel?

  4. Yes, thank you so much for starting this a while ago. Now i know..

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