Yes, that is what I’ve been done for two whole days, running and running… to the toilet.

Yes, I have been affected by a considerable diarrhea. As a result I haven’t eaten while loosing energies for a long while.  Finally today I had a combination of three remedies in a sequence. A very Dominican one consisting in a glass of water with salt and lime. Then I followed the advice of a good friend, drinking a bottle of Coca Cola. And finally a duet of pills that we found on Momo.

And, yes.. the result has shown in picture, first meal in two days, and a good one even, fried local food!

Yes, first meal after two days of fast!

Yes, first meal after two days of fast!

As you would notice some other member of the crew is instead on the process of gaining good pounds of weight as a reserve for the hard days to come!


5 thoughts on “Running

  1. Tra le scorte del viaggio mi porterei qualche pillolina!

  2. Ciao Francy mi sono iscritto al tuo blog così potrò seguire la tua meravigliosa avventura che, ti dico francamente, avrei voluto, potendo, condividere anche di persona! Goditi fino in fondo tutto quello che questa esperienza ti potrà dare e ricordati che sono sempre a tua disposizione per qualunque cosa per condividere questa grande e meravigliosa avventura!!!! A prestissimo!

  3. My mother says try these in the future:)

    Seed of Aguacate tea (boil the seed)
    Coke and lime
    Cornstarch and lime
    Lime peel tea

  4. ti offro assistenza medica spero non necessaria! per ogni eventualità contattami… hai una scorta di farmaci a bordo? ciaooo Paolo

  5. Francesco,mi raccomando i ricambi per il wc.augurissimi e buon vento

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