A boat is a planet

Another constructive day on Momo. Nothing serious on our log today, and I’m very pleased that many of you appreciated the last post and generously commented! Thanks for taking care about my health!

We had the chance of a nice windless morning today and catched the opportunity for climbing the mast. It is a necessary check for the security of our navigation… everything fine on the high levels for the happiness of relatives and closest ones!

A good view from the top!

A good view from the top!

The schedule is tight and we are trying to check the most important sectors of the boat while going on clearing the easiest ones. Having the hull checked and the engine working is our priority. After that there will be a thousand or so of secondary things to be checked. Then we will be fine!

A boat is literally a little planet on the Planet. We’ll have to be able to be completely self sufficient at sea and one of the most important key factors for letting the thing work is knowing our boat, knowing every little detail of the little planet. Knowing what we can count on in every situation and would never fail and what instead is weak and to be cared about..

Doesn't look too bad, does she?

Doesn’t that look soo nice????



One thought on “A boat is a planet

  1. How I miss to hang there! I hope I get the opportunity to join you for some weeks in the summer. Good luck with all your challenges. Looking forward to hear more from you. This blog is just a great idea.

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