The early bird…

You can read a good day from the early morning , we say in Italy… well, this morning just seconds after waking up, on my first step on shore I badly twisted my left ankle. It burned hard, I suddenly felt it was something serious!

Well, luckily enough we were going to meet Jaclyn today and she is a physiotherapist, osteopath to be correct. After a little consultation she recommended a combination of medicines and a local remedy. And, of course, lot of ice and rest.


But I cannot rest too much.. we have been to a supermarket where we had a first check for supplies that should fit our needs for the crossing. The guys pulled me inside the supermarket avoiding stress on the ankle.


Chronicle for the rest of the day?.. You know, cleaning, tiding and sanding!

It is evening now, everybody is preparing himself for the viernes and the music around starts to be louder than normal as usual during weekends… I’m looking at my foot, laying on a chair, pretty red strangled by a stiff bandage. It is going to be good soon!


One thought on “The early bird…

  1. Thanks for writing this blogg. I miss Momo when i see these pictures. Hope your foot will be healed soon. Looks like a strong crew. I have a good feeling about this project. It will be hard, but if you have enough motivation you will manage to complete the journey. Good luck!!

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