We are having good food on the Momo but the captain, no need to say, sometimes misses the flavours of Italy.. nonetheless last night my appetite has been satisfied. We of the Momo attended a pizza party in the center for street boys carried by Jaclyn (read previous blogs for more info). All the preparation process has been carried by the invaluable boys of La Casa …


The pizza was a good saucy one. We of the Momo took our reputation high devouring a nice quantity of this colorful unattended gift, me and Michael not declining a tasty salami and Clifton choosing the pineapple version instead. The night itself and the shows provided by the boys provided a valuable final!

I’m keeping on curing my foot as recommended by Jacklyn…


Last night I volunteered as a cavy for the following. The whole foot wrapped with a bandage dipped in vinegar. A plastic bag taped around it for insulation. I had a deep, happy night and when I woke up..


Here is the result! A big white cauliflower!


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