This evening while having dinner we discussed how are days are running fast, unfolding themselves under the shiny vertical light of the Caribbean. Waking up, working, lunch, work and over.. but we are doing a great job until now.

I recognize I have been a bit stiff with my crew. We are having a tight schedule, really a tiring one perhaps. It is the quest for the best boat affecting every captain as a disease pushing me to work this hard… but these guys are made of the toughest matter, they are responding great!

We are going into the most diverse subjects during our conversations, analyzing how our life at sea will be. Will it be a constant routine?.. will be burn out days made of  unconscious work or will we enjoy long timeless days? We’ll see.

I know it will be good time!

Trying how it should be. Yes, once is enough!

Trying how it should be. Yes, once is enough!

This evening we grabbed the change of an old Co2 bottle that needed to be replaced for trying what any sailor would never want to experience… the sudden bang of a life jacket inflating over your chest with cold air!..

Yes, just like the one the hostess is showing on the plane, everybody said. Quite unusual sensation, is it Clif?


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