A visit

A very special event is breaking our routine.. we have a guest on board the Momo! Titti, a very good friend of mine from Sicily has reached us to make some sailing… ehm, no much sailing on Momo now.. Sanding and painting perhaps?.. ok, Titti is here for visiting me and the crew of Momo, no matter if we sail or not!


She brought as a special gift some of the most fancy food we have seen in the last couple of weeks.  Oregano, capers, olives, cheese, beautiful flavors from the Med! After a taste of biscuits for breakfast I eventually hid the most of the food for being consumed in a place where the pleasure provided will be at its top. The middle of the Atlantic!

We had quite an easy day today


Playing chess shaded in a gazebo, receiving some visitors. All around us the Semana Santa is just begun. It is burning up the spirits of Dominican people. The music is at its top. Cars, bars, power boats, any source of energy is being used for producing some of the loudest sounds you can ever hear on heart!





2 thoughts on “A visit

  1. Quando contate di salpare? giorni previsti di navigazione per la prima tratta? ciaoooo

  2. ciao Titti!! ha ha now that the painting is over…let the it all begin 😉

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