Finding the balance

Yes, our days of ponderation are over. After a big work of cleaning, categorization of all the gear and assessment of all the amount of things to be done we have lived some days of reflection during this week. In the meanwhile we were waiting for my plan for sailing Momo back to Europe to be approved by the owners.

These days have been like a balance period for the three of us. A time in the middle between the effort already produced and the uncertainty on how to go on. We still have major problems to be solved. Our transmission (the gear between the engine and the propeller) is still not working and the bottom of the boat need a lot of work.

But today we finally had the approval.. that means that the plan has been accepted by Jacob and the other owners so that we can proceed on working the way I planned.

This is a big step into making the crossing possible! No need to say that the crew is very excited at the idea. We had some celebration this night at the fisherman’s market restaurant with an extra ‘jumbo’, a one liter bottle of beer.


Days of balance are over… we rested well, we played chess, I myself had the time for recovering my foot from the bad injury.
Now it is again time for working hard setting the Momo!


One thought on “Finding the balance

  1. Andreas Strand Renberg

    We are excited too!

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