Little steps

As a symbolic completion of the final ok for doing this trip we made some litte sailing in the last two days. Ok, it hasn’t been a proper sailing really. We just twisted between a couple of mooring inside the Marina!

The first time has been for security reasons.. a worker that we engaged for making some welding jobs on decks was making sparks with his machinery and according to the Harbour management’s opinion there was a  security risk due to a close by fuel pipe on the pontoon.
‘You have to move’ has been the solid statement of the harbourmaster. We did move, been helped by the harbourmaster himself with his power boat since the Momo’s engine is not in working order at the moment.
This move costed us a further day of work of our employee due to the time lost and therefore further expenses.


The day after, today, the management complained again. This time it was more an etiquette reason.. apparently we made too much noise with our tools disturbing the well being of our neighbor sailors, nice people enjoying Easter holidays.

This second time the statement was more firm. ‘You have to stop working until Monday’. That was too much for being accepted. We need to work!.. we want to go!!!
I eventually negotiated a compromise. Moving the boat again to a more remote corner of the Marina where no nice people is passing by.

Working here is a continuous negotiation.  No risks to be bored…


3 thoughts on “Little steps

  1. funny, sounds just like what work has become in Italy!

  2. Dai…pausa per Pasqua e Pasquetta…e poi riprendete i lavori!
    Auguri di Buona Pasqua!

  3. Enjoying your blog! Looking at your photos of Momo’s moorings-compared to grey seas and skies, winds and snow here in Baltimore, Co. Cork..:D Big Hello to Clifton- my lino floor in my studio is still fantastic 😀

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