Kill the bastard!

Today’s post is kind of a technical one… many of you should not be interested in reading such a detailed account of tools and gear but I know some sailor mates will. Please forgive this disgression.

We recently had to deal with a bud guy… a stubborn piece of metal which does not want to leave its position in order to let us see trough the only big breakdown of Momo. This problem does not let us clearly see the end of the tunnel… the end of the maintenance works!

It is a coupling between the engine and the drive shaft. This is piece is in charge of transmitting the torque from the engine to the propeller limiting the transmission of vibrations. The rubber part of it was broken. Now we need to remove the coupling from the shaft and… it does not want to come!

readyop extractor onplace

So I created a joint venture with the dirtiest metal workshop around here. A guy working barefoot in swimsuit between sparks and hot metals. I eventually managed the way to built the rusty piece of metal showed in the sequence of pictures together with the welder guy. that piece, called an extractor, with its strong mechanic advantage, would have been able, in my plans to ‘kill the bastard’ how we say in the Momo meaning extracting the coupling from the shaft.

Result? After a huge torque with a one meter lever (we used the metal tiller for the purpose) and big tension the extractor fell apart. And the coupling is still there! be continued


2 thoughts on “Kill the bastard!

  1. Maybe you need more heat, more hammering, more oil, more time and patience of how much you already have profuse… 😦

  2. Ohlalá! I have a problem with the same bastard in Noctiluca. It broke when we took a rope on the harbour with the propeler. And no changes for our old motor (Farymann) are available, we tried to stick the rubber piece with a strong glue but broke. Now we are triing to reconstruct a similiar piece..To be continued aswell.

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