Keep on

We are keeping on working hard on deck. A local German specialist came on board to fix a couple of stanchions and reinforcing the shrouds attachments. In the meanwhile the crew sanded out all the old rust from the deck that is now ready to be painted.. our Momo is going to look shiny and tidy very soon!

momopaint germweld

We kept a truce with ‘the bastard’ today.. but I’m sharpening my blades and building up new attach strategies with the consent of some members of the local yachting community among which the Momo is well renowned. An American guy, lend to me some tools. I asked for the first one but eventually during the day he felt into participating to our concerns and kept bringing useful tools.. will keep you updated!

A huge thanks to Titti who left us yesterday and whose presence here with us has been a blessing. First of all thanks for the  Easter lunch to the ‘Puerco Rosa’, the pink pig, a nearby Italian restaurant that she kindly offered to the hungry crew. We appreciated it a lot! And…


…happy birthday!


2 thoughts on “Keep on

  1. Capitano, mio capitano! Grazie! È stato bello far parte x un po’ dell’equipaggio del Momo come ospite..anche se non si è lasciato il Marina..So che Momo ha un cuore a misura di oceano e aspetto con ansia di vederla navigare a vele spiegate e gonfie di vento…Seguirò i vostri passi da lontano via web e chissà che non ci si riveda sulle coste europee…Riempite il mio abbraccio e…”going to the Wind” soon..!!!

  2. Uau Francesco! Que gran proyecto, amigo! Enhorabuena y mucha suerte! When are you plannig to cross? If you need someone…tell me ;)! Good luck!

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