In town

We have been on tour today. An early wake up, breakfast on the way and we catch up a ‘guagua’, the local bus how it is called here. We spent some good hours feeding ourselves with bits of the most important ages of the history of Hispaniola (how the geographical island of Haiti and Dominican Republic is called)… colonization, colonization and colonization.


The heat was much stronger in the concrete city than in our beloved clean marina. In the way out of the Cita’ Colonial we found an unattended but desirable spot.. a vegetarian restaurant carried by an Hindu community. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was something different than everything else here around and the food.. good! For the pleasure of Clifton who finally found the way of a really satisfactory vegetarian meal in this island of fried chicken!

Of course we took the chance for some useful stops in well equipped tools stores. The shortage of materials around the marina is disheartening. We enjoyed the availability of materials for feeding the boat’s storage with some paints, a new service battery and a new weapon for our friend, the elastic coupling!



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