Good time, bad time

Will we ever had the certainty of leaving soon?

It seems like we won’t know till the very last day before it! Every day there are so many  technical, bureaucratic, logistic problems to solve. Of course nothing is serious enough to let the crew of the Momo give up. We are working and floating among our daily duties  serene as a cloudless sky..


The Momo become a kind of local attraction. We have daily visits from sailors of the marina as well as from people outside the marina. An Italian friend gave us some good company and also brought as a very well appreciated gift some proper Italian bread.

Manuel, a Dominican mechanic of the best temperament, after caming on board for a consultation about the old ‘bastard’ (see 1st, 2nd April post) gave us just some advices encouraging us to keep on working as we did ourselves. Good guy!

In the meanwhile we keep steering towards the Horizon.


Some fellow sailor moors in the bay time by time. You always recognize the shape of a traveler, sea gipsy style boat. The boat well tuned, the sheets and ropes clear on deck, everything is set and seaworthy, everything on board as a purpose. A pleasure to be seen.  Just a night of rest on the bay and the morning after they’d probably have gone.

We are here waiting for our day. Fair wind.


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