The final cut

We did it! We. Did. it!

We finally killed the bastard! A couple of hours of hard grinding today, sparks all over, using the few means we can dispose of. John, a sailor mate from Us kept voluntarily lending us pieces of equipment after pieces of equipment he gleaned from his heavily equipped vessel. You can see most of them in picture. Not a single tool has been used to its full potential.. lack of spares, worn quality, lack of energy.. everything Dominican style. But we managed to do the job somehow. Two cuts and the piece split in the middle.

There has been many speculations around that piece of metal. How it was designed, how it was attached. Nobody really sort it out until the very end.. You cannot imagine the energies we used for dealing around it.


Now we can finally see clear over the edge. We see the ocean. Still pretty far but eventually clear and blue at a distance… Thalatta, Thalatta*!

We had a celebration tonight. A big plate of linguine with saucy tomato and fried aubergines for each of us and an unusual quantity of Presidente, the Dominican bier.


* Anabasis (Xenophon)


2 thoughts on “The final cut

  1. Well done!

  2. Yes, well done!

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