The heroes age

He told me while we were rigging the catamaran in the sun before going at sea… “I like behaving heroically, not simple things”.

So it was! I grabbed the occasion of an Italian friend met here who invited us for some sailing in an old hobie cat. Blue sails, an agile silhouette, the hobie is a fast beach catamaran. A dreamlike escape for us of the Momo, stuck in a boat full of rusty tool for almost four weeks now.


I noticed that the catamaran was not in perfect shape. A patched hull, an approximate rigging. But the temptation of an afternoon of easy, sunny fun was too inviting. Michael had some great sailing out there. He stayed more than two hours, pulling hard on the rigging and enjoying the breeze yesterday.

Today it was my turn. We went out the shallows and started some quick tacks. Eventually after some 30 minutes we capsized, mast on the water, due to a wrong maneuver in a gust. I manage not to fall in the water and quickly stepped over the hull that was keeping us afloat. After few seconds we were ready for lifting the boat straight… but she did not want to come. It was strange.

After some wondering and trying we eventually discovered that the hull was sinking due to a crack into the light fiberglass. We realized that there were not chance of having the mast up again.

So we agreed to drift with the wind to the marina that was laying few hundreds meters to leeward. I grabbed a mooring pole inside the marina and what followed was a long negotiation with a couple of dinghies and the second of them finally towed us to our mooring.


It has been fun. A shock of salt, a healthy one after so much dirty shipyard work! Thanks to my old, crazy friend!

Though after my personal ‘heroes age’ on my little 6meters with almost no equipment around the Tyrrhenian Sea (see below), I feel now more into safe although satisfactory accomplishment!



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