The catch of the day

Yes, Momo has been taken on the hook today.


Lifted on dry like a little though fatty fish… We need to work on the most important part of a vessel, the one that for this reason is called ‘opera viva’ in Italian meaning live section. The live part on the boat, the surface sliding on the water while the boat run on the waves. The bottom.
Luckily for the exhausted crew we are not allowed to work on the bottom of our boat here. Of course as a self sufficient sailor I would have done the job myself if I was allowed to. We finally need to employ some local workforce for doing the job.

They will scrape the whole bottom and applying several coats of different paints to protect the hull of Momo from barnacle and a huge variety of different sea creatures that love to seat on a boat hull and enjoy the sun from there.


For my pleasure the workers are coordinated by Claudio, a skilled professional of boat painting from La Spezia, the port town naming a gulf that is one of the pearls of the Italian coastline.

Of course Clifton and Michael did not have a light day just because other people were making the dirt job… painting the gunwale,  disassembling the propeller.


These guys are pushing so hard! I really appreciate their toughness and constancy. We are working since almost one month now with no sailing at all… and they are still here!

They deserve the Ocean!


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