Paso dominicano

I look at my watch and finally in weeks of unmarked time a date has a clear meaning to me. It is the 11th day of April today and I stepped into the saloon of Momo for the first time exactly 1month ago.

We carefully reviewed all the huge amount of work been done in the last 4 week, all the actions, the thing we have done, the places we visited, people we have spoke with or waited. And it make us feel strange thinking that the same amount of time will be spent at sea with no sight of land.

On my first day in the Dominica Republic Jaclyn, our Swiss friend noticed with satisfaction how quick was my walk compared to the slow, relaxed, Caribbean mood.


Look at us today. Just taking it easy, with a perfect paso dominicano, a Dominican gait! Never late, though never in time.

In the meanwhile our shore team, Claudio, the Italian guy and Santiago are making their best for providing to Momo a smooth hull.

We can’t wait until tomorrow. Momo is ready to go back on the water.

PS. Thanks so much to Claudio. Having an Italian skilled worker on duty of our bottom job has been invaluable for me. We are not allowed to work ourselves in the bottom of the boat here but Claudio with his professionality and great sense of balance gave me the security of a well done job. Also speaking the same language helped very much.

Grazie Claudio e grazie Santiago!


One thought on “Paso dominicano

  1. Capitano!
    Sono felice che il vento favorevole stia finalmente per soffiare sulle vostre vele…Momo vuole l’oceano: è un’urgenza interiore!
    Un bacione a tutto l’equipaggio! I miss you!

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