Alt for Momo*

After too many days of strain for the huge amount of things to think about with the good season approaching fast I must say I am exhausted. We almost sorted out everything on board. Everything looks good to me now. I did not just want to set the boat in a safe way for a crossing. I realized that this trip is not just a ‘A to B’ trip. With a small boat and many miles to go we will face many challenges in the long time on board.

So I unconsciously switched over the days the initial standard agreed between me and the owners from an acceptable, sufficient standard to a fully satisfactory one. I want the boat to be fully functional and comfortable in any sea condition we will face.

Now that we almost completed the preparation of the boat I am facing a new challenge. Training the two newbies and make then two fully prepared sea dogs!

Will I succeed on this?


Only the lizard staring at me with his side eye trough the toilet window every morning knows!

*paraphrase of the Norwegian motto Alt for Norge, All for Norway


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