Like in the old times

It has been a day full of pleasant surprises today. The most important.. the new coupling that will replace what we called ‘the bastard’ (read post 1st April 2013) has safely arrived here today. We carefully studied a strategy for having it delivered without delays due to custom clearance or big, not due taxes to be payed.

My father helped us picking the coupling up in an Italian marine warehouse and preparing a packet on which it looked like a second hand piece of metal despite being a brand new spare part. And it worked. The packet has been delivered in perfect time by our courier!

Jovita, from Us  came visiting us and will stay here for a while. She managed to stitch a proper national flag for our Momo.. just like in the old times, we unfolded our colored fabrics and built up the flag with what we have on board. I love that!


Jovita is also cooking some nice Mexican food, increasing the level of our nutrition that in the last weeks often touched indecency. Pigeon peas with coconut milk straight from the can has not been a something rare in the Momo!

We started to set up the rigging of our boat. Little nice, precision, tuning works that I normally love to carry in a sailing boat. Just few pins and a couple of pulleys to be changed…


Easy?.. not in the Dominican Republic! None of the said basic spares has been found in the two ship chandler I have visited.

The coupling has been a great exception in our routine.. a nice piece of mechanics delivered in a shiny yellow truck. For all rest we are doing just like in the old times. Fending all the repairs with what we have on board.


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