Breakfast and…


Early wake up, a solid breakfast of pancakes and bananas for preventing sea sickness and then out at sea.
How it went? Well, the engine runned smoothly, the rigging and sails are working good. And the crew?

They felt far from good. Who felt good at the beginning of the navigation than fell in a catatonic state after steering the boat. Who felt strange all over the trip with lows and highs. Both were bad in the time after touching land again.

The most seaworthy person on board?
Jovita! Grew up in the remote continent, hundred miles from sea, Jovita managed a good control and no bad simptom at all!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast and…

  1. Andreas Strand Renberg

    The worst point is the beginning. From that it will only be better. Forza a tutti!!!

  2. We are still waiting for you here in the azores in Sao Miguel! Please take care of you guys…i can just imagine how hard and High the waves are for you there on the Sea! 😉

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