Looking for crew

We have one vacant place on board for the crossing! If interested please leave a comment with your email.


2 thoughts on “Looking for crew

  1. Hy!
    Nice project!! I hope that you have a amaizing travel ful of good moments!!

    I’m Cristina.
    I’m half spanish and half french. I find you in CS. You can see my profile there to.

    I’m living a traveler life from 8 months now. It’s amaizing how my children dreams are comming true in this time.

    I always dreamed about travel by bike arround Spain, and I traveled by bike in East Europe (Slovaquia, Hungary, Serbia) with a international group of 10-13 persons.
    No more than two persons with the same nationality!! hahahaha Findland, Irland, Germany, Holand, France, Italy, Spain, New Zeland, Israel, Serbia, … A great time sleeping outside almost of the time. Enjoing the sky, the sounds and smeling of nature, and the warm fire… 😉

    I was living for a wile in a tipi, in Slovaquia and in the south of Spain, then I meet some pirates, and then I finded the “lost childrens”, like in Peter Pan tale… 😉

    I just know about a sea accident, in Marbella’s coast (south of Spain), and I has gonne to meet the crew and offer my help to arrange the boat. It was a amaizing time to me being part of the Pirate crew of “La Grace”. A reproduction of a real pirate boat of XVIII century, buid in 2010 in Egipt by a group of boat Chec Republic people. A Pirate boat from a country with out sea??? That was really atractif!! 😉

    Then in Morocco helping in a NGO that works with childrens and persons that risk their lives to crosse the sea (Pateras por la vida).

    And right now in Portugal, in sea side, near to Sintra. Being part of the constructor team of a space to practice ioga with the earth ship technique. That minds tires, earth, wood, stones,… I arrived here with the challenge to construct some bambo bike with 5 more gays,… hahahahahaha!!

    In my future I see my self in Haití, helping in a amaizing project: growing food forest in poor soil lands. Take a look in Sadhana Forest. Just beautiful!
    And i was looking to a crew to sail from Europe to Haití, or “close”. That means just cross the Atlantic!! hahahaha

    I know your are sailing in the opositte direction. But maybe, in all the time that you was preparing this amaizing trip, you contact some persons like you, that are traveling in the oposite way… Or you know some places where I can try to find my crew… 😉

    And also, maybe if you finally stop at Açores, maybe i can meet you… Maybe i can sail to the north of Europe before cros the Atlantic, or maybe you gonna do a coming back way, and then i can join you…

    The sea, like the life, have a lot of amaizing paths!!

    All my best whishes for you! Goood winds!! The boat looks amaizing!!

    Cristina Otero

    • Karol (+596 696 80 84 86)

      Hi Francesco,
      you sent me a message on vogavecmoi but i’m a free user and can’t read it.

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