Everybody is leaving

What a day. I knew about some departures, did not about some others. So in one day most of the contacts we had here are broken. Clifton and Jovita left the boat. Clifton will not make the crossing.
Michael left for Santo Domingo. Is still on the crewlist but took some deserved and healty rest in La Capital.


John, our best supplier of tools and materials left for Puerto Rico with his sailing boat, the Bad Bunny. He lended us the widest selection of tools during our days of hard work. If we will be able to sail is also because oh him. Thanks!

Last but not least, the Danish school boat Victoria also left the marina. Her crew was a nice di ersion in our daily frequentation!

I am alone, enjoying a new sensation of solitude in the cockpit of Momo. It is far from unpleasant and I like the more intimate contact I can experience with boat now.

No crew came out. I had some request but still the place is vacant.


2 thoughts on “Everybody is leaving

  1. Look at the bright side, you do not get bored there with all these events! 🙂 Good luck, I am sure you will find a good solution!

  2. waouw Francesco, is is quite a shok for me to here you last comments. I feel sad but I know that you will rapidely find a solution.. suerte, mucha suerte.. good luck .

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