Night reflections

It has been a strange night last one. I dreamed a lot. I dreamed about home, Tuscany. I dreamed the Garfagnana valley, I dreamed the Apuane mountains chain and of course I dreamed about my sailing field, the Maremma coastline…

I woke up, alone in the boat and while I was starting to move in the sun like a lizard I had clear flashes of my time on the old 21feet, Salsedine.

salscerbo salsnap

It came so clear in my mind the freshness of early spring morning wake ups in the Tuscan coast.

It should have been the contrast between the beauty and simplicity of those days with the never ending difficulties of managing a boat in the Caribbean to suggest such a scene to my mind.

The basic simplicity of the boat, two benches as a cockpit, the same two benches and nothing else in the cabin. A mast, an outbord engine, some light sails and a screwdriver. And the wind. An early wake up, raising the sails and just set off the coast while having a laizy breakfast. That is the pleasure of sailing. Something I missed too much during these weeks!


2 thoughts on “Night reflections

  1. I had similar recollections popping up out of nowhere during my long years in the U.K. That is called homesickness! I also found that in the times I went on holidays to south America, the somewhat dull view of a white sandy beach and uncountable palm trees triggered the same visions of home in a matter of few weeks of stay. Checco, I told my wife i was going to come and join you for the crossing. She said she would kick my ass so hard that i need not bother go to the airport to fly to the caribbean! I said “bargain!”

  2. I remember the time in Salsedine, the amazing mornings with coffee on the sea and the crossing to Corsica . . . you are right; simplicity is always better !!

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