Here and along

Couchsurfing always surprises you with the finest selection of weirdies. Last night I slept in an ‘art castle’ in Sosua, being hosted by Mirya, a German cosmopolitan CSer. Mirya’s father, an artist himself built the castle as a living work of art.
It hosts Haitian sculptures, paintings and can as well host guests in spacious rooms with pieces of art as furniture.

Sosua despite its charm of rotten Caribbean town, refuge of weird Italian businessmen and westerner desaparesitos and capital center of prostitution has been able to transmit some positive feelings.

Climbing the top of the castle this morning I had a breathtaking view of the hilly North coast of the Country. Off the coast, the surprise of a deep blue sea… The Ocean! Over its waters, towering white good weather cumulus.

I must be honest the multi-layered white, grey, green shiny waters of the Caribbean does not attract me so deeply. The deep blue catches my soul.
I walked down the beach crossing the dirty night district. And, finally, a sound I had forgotten for too long in the sheltered waters of Boca Chica: the swell of the Ocean. I spent a whole hour breathing that sound, refreshing my soul.


I catch the first bus available to go back on board. That feeling was all I wanted from this days off.
The blue is calling!


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