You need to wake up very early in this place to hear the sound of nature. Thousands of little birds tweeting in the fresh blue air. Than steadly, cars engines, trucks horns start to vaste the silence and at around 8am the loud music wakes up from the near beach. An odd base, unusefull distorted words that keep going all day long.

Delay brings delay so I have to surrender to rush, take life easy and wait to be ready. Since all the crew left days ago I am facing a new reality.
While still looking for people to join me I realized the importance of being able to sail the boat shorthanded. Read: alone or with undependable crew.
So I let my friend Fulvio from Milano ship my AIS radar from Italy and in the meanwhile I bought an AIS radio from the US.

These devices will warn of any approaching ship on the sea and they will enable me to rest or lay under deck not needing to staying on cockpit at all time and saving energies.

Going by the sea is also a matter of managing time. You must be patient when patience is needed.


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