The last couple of weeks has seen more interesting crews passing by this corner of Caribbean. Blue-sea sailors instead of the typical sailing vacationer hanging around the Caribbean.
It should be the approaching season for crossing to Europe or more probably my attention slightly more dedicated to the outer world instead of the dark bilge of Momo. In anybcase my social life has improved here in the yacthies-zoo at Boca Chica.


Marina is an aussie sailing wonderer, Yachtmater instructor. She lived a colorfull life travelling everywhere for leisure or business.
She popped up here the same day I remained alone. Discussing with a competent person about sails trim, deck equipment and electronic aid to solo navigation has been so refreshing to me!
I must say I really appreciated the nice dinner she offered, fish filets together with fried plantans and Australian wine. But the best was the conversation. Superb!

She’s gone quite soon from this restrictive place.

Michel is here since long time but we know each other since a week or so. He’s stuck, waiting for a spare part for his self pilot.
He’s one of the most cordial sailors I have ever known. He sailed from France trough Africa and then here. I honestly have not understood how many ‘fiancées’ and partners he has around and in France.

Than the Bretons. Arnaud and Guillaume.


I shared a good quantity of beers with this guys, the beer I had been about a fifth of the quantity they were able to gobble. I love the way the Bretons sail. They do it as the fishes swim or as the birds fly.
The two Bretons set sail to Europe today, after a difficult hangover wake up! Fair winds to them!


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