No matter if you sail on the better equipped Norwegian yacht or in 30years old shell of poor fiberglass, you’ll always need some help, soon or later.

I am lucky to have good friends happy to give an hand when I’m stuck with some technical problems.
Fulvio is one of these friends. In 2009 I was in Sicily and he flew from Milano to Marsala only for staying a couple of days, helping me dismasting my boat Salsedine to install an antenna on top of it and raise it again. After a night spent in the cockpit sleeping covered just by a folded sail he left with a smile saying ‘thank you’.

And lucky I have been in this strange Country to have met a good Italian sailing mate as well as good friend.
Daniel brought me in about a thousand places with his car, provided wise suggestions as well as relaxing lunches at his place in Santo Domingo.




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