Izar la vela

I have been drinking sodas and bought random food or snacks for almost two months in this place. A single rolling shutter represents the whole shop front, and when the shutter is up what you see is an opening on the building facing the street and packed with stuff.


Shops like this here are called Colmado. They sell everything from canned food to candies and cakes, alchoolics, cold drinks and ice, loose cigarettes, batteries, cosmetics, sausages.

The average customer is a person living day by day and it is not unusual seeing mothers buying one onion and 30grams of cheese. I normally stand on a side of this space while having a drink. It is uncommon that customers stop for consuming. On the contrary everybody normally stops and goes and in rushy times the two brothers carrying the enterprise are able to swap from one customer to the following in few seconds.

I was there today seeping a Coca Cola, lost in my thought, watching outside and not caring too much the usual variety of people passing by.
At a point I realized that one of the two brother was calling me. He must have tried few times before.
‘Cuando te vas?’
I don’t understand so he simulates with his arms the action of somebody pulling a rope hanging from above and adds ‘la vela!’
Yes, when are you setting sail? This is what he’s asking.. he must have understood that I am suffering the waiting!


One thought on “Izar la vela

  1. Hi there!

    I was glad to come across your blog. I live in Santo Domingo, my partner and I are considering buying a sailboat and bringing it here to live aboard. I was wondering if you could point out a couple of references so that we can determine what our best corse of action is. Marinas, prices, ect. By the way, let me know if you want a little tour around Santo Domingo, I’d be glad to show you around, you seem like a pretty nice dude.

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