I just come from a couple of good days in La Capital, Santo Domingo. Some cooking exchange with Marina on her boat ‘Pandura’ and an evening out with other two friends. Good time.
We also grabbed the occasion of some time out for buying equipment for the boat and finding a place where to repair my laptop. While in town I have been called by DHL in Santo Domingo: my AIS-vhf radio is arrived from the US but this time I have to negotiate some taxes to be paid. I will try to avoid it, not an easy task.

Tomorrow I will install the vhf antenna on top of the mast. I found the old one broken and I need a good aerial for working in conjunction with the expensive radio I am going to install. As said the radio will help me and my crew to identifying ships around us.


I will climb the mast alone as I have done a couple of times already. I was concerned about finding an easy way for connecting two vhf cables while hanged to a rope at the wobbling mast.
Fulvio provided the scheme pictured. A smart, clean way for solving a delicate problem without investing in equipment or having specific gear. Just knowledge and smart hands.


One thought on “Connections

  1. Take care up that mast!

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