In bloom


The season is mature now. I started to look at the forecast since it was clear that Ignazio was joining me stating the end of the crew issue.
The good season is blossoming right now. The weather scenery in the area that will be our sailing ground for the first week appears to be good if not ideal. That is an area where uncertain wind is ruling and a tendency of Southerns is what we need. And here it is, some Southern wind -just bordered by uncertain weak winds though-coming around next Tuesday. With that wind pattern we should be able to reach Bermudas with ease.


One thought on “In bloom

  1. ma Ignazio e’ chi penso io!? “anche i’grillo, anche i’ grillo?” mi riferisco ad un certo foto shoot eseguito allo sporting qualche anno or sono! siete dei grandi. il fido ignazio! spettacolo!!! ma non cadete in tentazione di postare certe foto, il grillo ormai e’ cresciuto!!!!

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