Cavalry are coming!

I hate thinking by categories and stereothypes but sometimes the reactions people have in front of the reality is pretty much the same.
I heard this sentence being told by a lot of friends, close friends, relatives during the last weeks:
“If I was not stuck with my commitments in my life I would have joined you now and make the crossing with you”
Always the same formula, pretty much even the same words.

So many times I heard it that when some of the said people told me that they would have liked to come I developed a standard reply. Something like “listen, I would be very happy if you came. Think about it deeply, be honest with yourself and get back to me if you REALLY want to come”.
That was a bit rude and all but incouraging but was a kind of defense for my soul. I did not want to waste hope, exchanging a thousand mails about how life in the ocean will be (thing that I don’t even know having never done it before!) for nothing.

But this routine was not respected with Ignazio.
He is from Tuscany and we know each other by long time now. We spent good time together, often doing extraordinary if not crazy things. Once we decided to walk barefoot the rocky coast between the two places where we used to spend our summer vacations. It tooked a whole day watching out every single step and caring about sharp rocks, hot rocks, slippery ones.
We also sailed together in my little 20feet some times.

When he called me the recruiting process was in an advanced state. Despite I was very happy for him to come I have been steaight forward and a bit rude as above.
“I need to know sone details in order to decide” he claimed. So it was. A couple of mails and he told me he was coming for sure.

He will land at Las Americas airport few kilometers from here this night.


3 thoughts on “Cavalry are coming!

  1. Il tempo che impiega Ignazio a prendere le decisioni grosse è inversamente proporzionale a quanto ci mette eoni per decidere se andare a prendere un pezzo di pizza alla Tentazione o farsi una pasta a casa! 🙂

    Però in quinta superiore lo sorpresi indeciso almeno mezza giornata: “Non so se fare l’Università oppure mettermi a rifare la Vespa”. Io lo guardai interrogativo e lui: “…intendo dire rifatta bene”.

  2. ahahaha Ignazio è un marchio di fabbrica!
    Buona traversata al marinaio e al “mezzo marinaio”! 🙂
    e mi raccomando “remi in barca”!

  3. Andrea Brachini

    Grande Cappe! Mi gasa di brutto il fatto che la cavalleria sia diventata anche per te una categoria mentale, categoria per mezzo della quale definire oltretutto gesti eroici come questo! Sei un vero cava!

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