Jumpin’ Jack


He’s on board since some three weeks now. Sometimes is not been seen for days and I start to think that he’s gone. In some other days he’s around and everywhere slinking in vertical surfaces, overlooking, the head out from a folded sheet or simply wondering around the chart table.
I started to call him Jumpin’ Jack because he jumps every time I importune him from too close. And because he is a gecko or that is what I think he is.

He settled in the Momo at sime point having some place in the fore cabin as his own nest. He never ventures himself out, I am quite sure. He must have created his own network of vital facilities inside the boat because he apparently prospers and is lively and happy here.

Guess he wants to come with us over sea!


2 thoughts on “Jumpin’ Jack

  1. Quindi ci sta che Jumpin’ Jack parta con voi? Almeno potete passare qualche ora a dormire entrambi senza darvi il turno!

  2. Si ma quando partite??

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