Sunday in the cockpit

Sunday comes and the only sure elements telling that to me is the car park of the marina packed with shiny dark suv cars starting from the morning.
The owners of the many power boats here around are coming to enjoy their ‘day at sea’.

Me and Ignazio spent this Sunday afternoon in a laizy mood. We went out in town for buying some food reserve for the crossing then we spent the afternoon nested in the woody cockpit of the Momo. The boat looks really neat now and me being a perfectionist, I am taking care of little details expecially connected to the rig.

So we were in the cockpit, both of us sewing textil straps with sail needles to install a preventer (a line trough which the boom is not allowed to swing dangerously over the cockpit).

Shiny girls with tight dresses, a frozen cocktail in the hand passed by, meters from our stern, sit in a leather sofa of a gloss red power boat steered by latino machos in sunglasses.
For sure they must have considered the two of us as some strange beens. Swinging a needle like old two home ladies in the cockpit of a rusty boat, working in a Sunday while everybody else is having fun at their best and they, especially,  are enjoying life at full tilt, living the shiny dream, tasting the best.


Me and Ignazio watched each other. ‘What do we need to do then?’ He asked ‘nothing more really’ I replied… Well, ‘ci tocca anda’ per davvero allora!’ (Tuscan Italian for ‘we must really go then!) we stated watching each other again.


One thought on “Sunday in the cockpit

  1. E sì che avevo appena comprato un gioco da tavolo di corse dal titolo Power Boats per giocarci nottetempo con gli occhiali da sole insieme a delle fiche e considerarvi degli strange beens!
    Quando partite, ricorda a Ignazio di portarsi dietro la chiave di Castiglione della Pescaia che non sarebbe la prima volta che se la scorda e poi dovete tornare indietro.

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