It is only water

The day started in a lighter mood than usual. A swim in the early morning, dealing with local bureaucracy, washing clothes, Ignazio going in town to buy a big bunch of plantains and honey for the crossing.
Call it relaxing before leaving.

I finely tuned the rigging and passed sheets on deck, little clean jobs directly related to the pureness of sailing, stuff that compared with the thousand dirty jobs I had to deal with in weeks is pure zen.

Before lunch I spoke with Titti who was here in the dirtiest days of work. I told her that she must have seen the boat now, clean, cosy, hospitable, so different that when she was here

Then after lunch we lazily agreed on fulfilling our water tank. A little job.
That was the beginning of something.
The tank is a flexible one and after Ignazio fulfilled it we discovered there was still a lot of air inside. In the attempt of moving the wobbling 80kg of water to let the air free to go we discovered a leakage in the water outlet.
After few wet attempt to fix the problem I decided to take the tank out of the cabin to avoid more water to drip in the bilge, already stuffed with provisions and wet the food.

This was what we have to dealwith: a shapeless, wobbling, 80kg blob thing.Have you ever tried to raise some 80kg of a dead body… not easy, especially in a boat.

So we set a tackle, attached it to the tank and to the boom in the other end. I was pulling on the tackle while Ignazio was still holding the flushing blob from the bottom of the cabin. The whole tank was already lifted by a foot from the floor when, whaaash, a huge flow of water spilled from the bottom of it. I instinctively dropped the whole tank and that resulted in an even fatter flow, pouring in the floor and therefore in the bilge. A pipe broke and before we stopped it, the out flowing water was quite a lot.

Minutes after the boat was a mess. Plywood panels removed, water everywhere just like after the worst of the flooding… not really a tidy view like I claimed hours after with Titti!


2 thoughts on “It is only water

  1. Oh no! My sympathy to you. We also had a water tank leak today. Not as bad as yours but everything next to the tank is wet, including the bag that I wanted to pack for going on a road trip to Istanbul tomorrow :-(. I hope you get it fixed easily.

  2. Sì però parole troppo difficili! Me lo sono dovuto far tradurre da Pinxor! Bilge è “sentina”, signori! Sentina, abbiamo!

    Comunque buona partenza e mi raccomando Jumpin’ Jack.

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