I must say it has been fun.
Buying provisions for a long period, selecting variations so that we cannot eat the same exact can of beans more often than once a day, then storing everything in the limited space of the boat trying to draw a scheme in your mind that will alliw you to recover that canned beef in a rocky sea or not to forget that beautiful asparagus jar for ever.

Another challenging thing is tuning the tastes of the crew.
We are only two. But two Italians, therefore people with defined, sometimes extremist ideas about what’s good and what’s wrong, what tastes fine and what is not even edible.

With Ignazio this is even more challenging. It is not just because of his delicate, demanding sense of taste. He does not eat fish. No fish.
It is not a problem actually as long as we have a good supermarket to go to and where to buy cannet meat. It should not be a big problem so, if not because I bought more than 1kilo of bacalao (salt code) and half a kilo of harrings before Ignazio joined me. At that time I still did not know who I will have been sailed with and I found this sourse of energy very convenient with all its fats and the fact that it actually keeps forever if stored in a dry box with salt.

So now I have all this salted, rich, flavourful and smelly fish all for me…
I need help! Any idea of easy yet tasty way of cooking it???


3 thoughts on “Provisioning

  1. Mo’ voglio vedere! Ignazio mi rompe sempre i coglioni quando mangio i carpacci di pesce perché dice che fanno il puzzo! E io, ai tempi del camper, ho dovuto assistere a una roba tremenda: lui che cucinava i fagioli e poi li affogava di maionese direttamente in padella. Roba da Salò e le 120 Giornate di Sodoma!
    Comunque il tonno lo mangia, perché lui sostiene che è un fungo geneticamente mutato. Mah.

  2. Con l’acqua come siete messi, per curiosità? Quanta ne portate?

    • La tanica da 80 litri di cui parlavano nell’altro post secondo me è una riserva parecchio limitata, ma magari si riforniscono alle Azzorre. Che l’acqua delle Azzorre oltretutto è qualcosa.

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