When is tomorrow?

It was one week ago when, with still the illusion that making the paperwork necessary for leaving the Country would have taken a couple of days, I heard the terrible news that I had to wait one week for the next paper to come.
The paper is necessary for asking another paper and so on in a process that hopefully will give us a permit for leaving the Country.
We tried to shake the cage like animals in a trap. Unusefully. The same owner of the Marina, Don Rafael, a kind person who has got good relationship with the owners of Momo tried to put a good word with the right people. When he himself explained to me that the only thing to do was “esperar”, waiting, we finally gave up, took down the canvas from our masts and rigged ourselves in a waiting mind set.


The week passed in indolence with us repeating the same actions, going to eat in the same places. I resisted the temptation of going somewhere, visiting a new place. We put attention on the most unuseful, little details on the Momo to spend our time in a positive way.

And finally Thursday came. Today.

I have this piece of paper issued last week in my hand. I can read our request on it, the name and signature of the officer. And on the bottom the date of today, day on which the requested document was supposed to be ready to be picked up.
There is only a little detail about that. Today is a National feast, bank holiday, and all the public offices are closed!


One thought on “When is tomorrow?

  1. Comunque ha chiamato anche mio babbo tramite la Banca Popolare dell’Etruria e del Lazio e la cosa dovrebbe essere tutto a posto. Addirittura lunedì dovrebbero darvi anche l’agendina da tasca.

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