Under the same Sun


It has always been a positive sensation when I found myself in weird, faraway places to raise my face, pointing straight to the sun, eyes shut and while absorbing its rays stating that that sun was the same which had flooded over my body, anywhere else, in happiest or sad moment, regardless my awareness of the whole thing in that specific moment.
Yes, the sun is the same, regardless.

Sometimes can happen that you really feel like it is not like that.
I lay flat in a dock, my body perpendicular to the sun’s rays. I am in a marina that is a polished version of a cage but I’m still convinced, the sun is here, thevsame old sun giving me that energy. So I shut my eyes trying to feel the benefit of a nice flooding of energy.
But nothing happens. No energy, nothing.
Yes, the sun is there, I see it. But some connection must have been broken.


2 thoughts on “Under the same Sun

  1. Do not give up “sun lover”! I am sure that you will find again the right energy 🙂

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