They said we would have received a call when the paper would have been ready. Not having received any news me and Ignazio decide to put on our shirt and go to the cenral office of the Navy in Santo Domingo to speak with mister Falta, the Navy officer in charge of releasing the permit we needed, or presumably needed.

Can I speak with mister Falta, I asked. The officer lower in grade knew us, knew our boat and our ‘case’. He saw us many other times and he examined our papers for reporting the content to Falta some other times. Yes, he is out for an inspection, he replied, please sit and wait.
We sat and waited, nervously speaking about random stuff.

At some point, a couple of minutes after a very young attendant came out from somewhere. He call me and pointed my attention to a little register he had in his hands. It looked like a roster, a register of visitors enering the building. That was strange to me, not having signed any register previously when went in.
I read the heading, it said ‘retiro’… the guy told me to sign, signature or name in capital letter? Capital, ok, date, here? Yes… and the second after, from nothing I had this paper in my hand.
The permit we struggled so much for!

We are free to go, today 10am!


7 thoughts on “Permiso

  1. Andreas Strand Renberg

    Buon vento!

  2. Finaly! Congrats…

  3. Era ora!
    Buon Vento!

  4. -¿Cuanto falta?

  5. Finalmente si parte!

    E comunque due sole parole: MITICO FALTA! Ignazio mi raccomando, deve diventare un personaggio di Spiral (ti ricordo che bisogna raggiungere i 30 capitoli). Già il cognome è proprio da te.

  6. Buon vento ragazzi!

  7. Great!!!! … Waiting for you in Plymouth 🙂

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