An Island


Every island has got its charme and this is why we are actracted by them all regardless their polar or subtropical climate, their rocky or sandy aspects and the fact that they are gadgeted by nice girls and good food or almost deserted.

I am an ‘insulomaniac’ and I am terribly acctracted by the unicity of every little or big island.

In our way North from the Caribbean I considered Bermudas a convenient stop but not an acctractive one at all. On the contrary I thought to myself it was perhaps the less acctractive island in the Atlantic. I was wrong, I know it now.. Bermuda is a real charming island. The vegetation is a way on the middle between subtropical and tempered. Palm trees and green grass at the same time, with the blossoming of England and a variety of bushes very similar to that of the Mediterranean area. All this is decorated by clean roads and tidy colourfull houses with the typical white roof.


One thought on “An Island

  1. A proposito di insulomania: un saluto da Rodhes island (Egeo, not USA) da Antonio Pina, Lara, Enza e Gianluca. Buon vento e buona navigazione.

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