Beef and ice cream

It is true: ice is the ‘dream of the mariner’!

Landed in Bermudas after just twelve days at sea I had no doubt. A nice big meal was what we needed! So it was.
We spent our first afternoon here wandering around in the sun, sipping cold drinks, meeting other mariners.
I must say that the community of mariners to be met here is a good one. There is a natural selection being this islands in the middle of the Atlantic with no shortcuts to Europe or America and no trade winds to rely on for an chilled out sailing. So you mainly see good ocean sailing boats and real sailors. A completely different panorama from the depressing ‘hang arounder’ often unexperienced, easy life lover of the Caribbean. Only tough sailors here!

So we were here dreaming about our first meal. Frozen yogurts, cheeses, all sort of meat, fresh vegetables were available. Everything at the higher price of course, but available. No price was too high for satisfying our need of pleasures.
The range of coiche was complete so I went for the most solid combination of proteins and pleasure…
Red meat and ice cream!


We bought much more than the expected quantity we would have eaten… it had to be enough in any case, no shortage allowed after deprivations on sea!


4 thoughts on “Beef and ice cream

  1. Have a good rest

  2. Domanda: visto che non possiamo avere foto sue, si può sapere se Ignazio in barca si tagliava la barba o se se l’è fatta crescere?

  3. This is deserved! Well done. Talk to you later..

  4. Andreas Strand Renberg


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