Wined and dined


There is a settled high pressure ruling around here since two days now and for another couple of days to come. This means hot air and no wind.
This morning we were ready to go, diesel and water being done, but I resisted. There is not an electric self steering system in the Momo and during flat calm we have to steer the boat manually sitting in the cockpit. This in extremely hot days with not a cloud in the sky, like these days are would result in extremely tiring hours.

So we layed in the cozy, calm waters of St George’s this morning, taking things easy.
Timmy settled himself in the local pub enjoying cold drinks and soccer. Me, being kind of restless, was wondering around cleaning and setting the boat. After lunch, invariably composed by red meat and fresh vegetables we decided to take a bus ride to Hamilton, the Capital city here in Bermudas just as a variation of our routine. That was a nice chance for having some decent shopping in a supermarket.

Well rested, well fed after days of proteins and vitamins, we are ready to go now.

We will set sail early next morning (23rd of June) even if that means facing two days of calms. By that way we will be there out and ready when the Southwesterly wind will grow.


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