I am not here


It is s strange feeling these days.
I moored in this beautiful Island and my real occupation for days has been trying to enjoy at best the pleasures of a sudden variety of goods, food, people.
Taken as I was on this ‘occupation’ I forgot how tired I was. I am realizing the size of my tiredness just now after a whole week spent here, time after that I still don’t feel active.
This is just getting acclimatizing to Ocean navigation, a big strain after that you need a big rest. My body is still learning to manage this balance.

But the real discovery in these days has been a different one and of a different nature.

I landed in this place coming from far. My wake was full of strain, a sense of endevour and endourance. Nothing has been perfect all the way from the Dominican Republic but I boldly kept in mind my priority: lasting.
Lasting and completing this crossing.

I landed in this place suddenly finding it graceful. And this, apparently was the thought of the numerous sailors that stopped here for a short call or a long stay. Most of them loved this place. Regardless, they staied or left. Staying or leaving made no difference.
Speaking with same of these ocean sailors I slowly realized a big difference between my performance approach and most of these people’s approach on living at sea.

Despite having spent several weeks at sea I realized hat I was there still ‘searching for my time’. Doing something for a future reward and making plans for the future. This people instead seemed to me just to ‘have their time’. To live the Present.
And that makes the big difference.


2 thoughts on “I am not here

  1. What a great picture, was it you who climbed the mast to take it?

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