Ocean routine /2

What I described as a routine, being it something connected with comfort and happyness on board can be completely wasted anytime due to weather conditions.

In case of rough weather we start to sacrifice elements of comfort starting from the most delicate first.
Good, freshly made meals give priority to ready, dry stuff. Light, comfortable clothes gives space to oilies so that the rougher the weather the more you tend to dress a salopette straight on the baselayer as soon as woke up to protect as possible your clothes from salt water.

The concept of rough weather is broad and including everything worst than a nice calm surface on which the hull slides smoothly possibly leaving the deck and cockpit dry. And to be honest this edge with the Momo is easily reached and passed.
The first sympton of a worstening of weather conditions normally been a sudden unexpected shower of sea water falling vertically on your head while you serenily lay on the cockpit!

My crossing from Bermudas to the Azores has been of the smoothest and most serene for some good 18days. Light winds and a calm Ocean characterized this part of the season. Despite having runned on a relatively high latitude in search of settled Westerlies only my attitude as a Mediterranean sailor keen to using the lightest blow of wind saved the Momo from whole days motoring.

When only 400Miles from destination we received a forecast for very light winds, circa 3Knots from South. I had diesel enough for covering the whole distance motoring so I was surrending to some days of motoring. A bothering but cheap solutions…
The reality that we had to face was pretty different. After a couple of days of very light, though usable Easterly wind, a fresh South-Easterly set. From our position the wind blowed exactly from the same direction Faial (our destination) was laying. Motoring was out of question since the wind built up a steep, though not very high swell so that the engine was not able to set an acceptable speed.

I hate beating slowly by motor. I find it frustrating though not compatible with a proper sailing behaviour. So we started a stubborn fight against the wind trying to set the best angle on wind while the swell increased day after day.
It took four more addictional days to cover a little distance, our daily run being not more than 40Miles on a straight line!

Going back to the original topic, routine.. well our routine in those days has been a bit messed up by the overall conditions of navigation. Momo rocking and rolling quite hard, some seepages on the cabin creating a pretty disgusting rain-like effect of salt water all together let us live in a very basic way on which managing our watches and eating was the only concern: no spare time, no comfort is generally taken in such conditions.
You just resist and wait.

The result?
The greatest satisfaction of having made it when the bad weather clears and the good sailing life starts again!


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