Green islands

PIco's volcan as seen from horta's harbour, Faial, the azores
Landing in the Azores has been a fact dictated by circumstances more than a choice. The urge of my crew to go back to his land life made it absolutely necessary and I welcomed the coice of the fate as a good one.

The Azores are undoubtely an hidden paradise of the North Atlantic. They rise high and green from the blue Ocean, the central islands grouped together with few miles of water between one island and the other.

Green, yes, this is the word.
As a personal choice I did not visit any of them, not even Faial where we moored with the Momo. Considering a short visit as a drop in the Ocean, sure about the fact the they deserve a long stay and a deep visit to be understood and appreciated.
Putting together the time needed for a nice rest and that claimed by the Momo for maintenance I ended up spending my nine days in Faial entirely in Horta, actually a 15.000 people town. And I don’t regret my choice!

I soaked myself in land pleasures, namely food and sleep. Starting the day with a breakfast in a padaria (bakery), I could not stop having snacks or good meals during all the day satisfying my urge of trying all the goodies made available by the local abundance.
I must admit that we suffered a shortage of fresh food during the last week of the Bermudas to Azores leg. This is why my subconscious, eased my regular nutrition rules and I deeped myself in an unusual over-nutrition!

These Islands own the benefits of an extremely variable climate. A constant water income together with a strong sun and a fresh air make them perfect for the growt of a huge variety of vegetables. You easily find the best ripe figs and tasty grape, so typical of the Mediterranean buquet, together with Pineapple and small bananas, more suited to a tropical environment.

I decided to extend this luxury during our next crossing to England, making something I am not used to. I am normally very controlled on shopping, writing down needed quantity of every good and buying accordingly.
Me and my friend Fulvio went to the market this time with the idea of a shopping ‘a la carte’… buying every food we felt like and in an uncontrolled quantity!

I could not leave Horta without leaving the black trace of the Momo on the famous wall where all boats leave theirs.
Até Breve Faial!


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