Welcome to England

Landfalls to the British islands from an oceanic passage are renowned because of the total uncertainty of the weather you are going to face when approaching them. Rough North Westerlies to South Westerlies, big waves, changing winds together with freezing cold temperatures even in Summertime not to count fog, the infamous English drizzle and even the possibility of some violent squall.

We have been very lucky in the approach to England indeed..
We spent the last couple if days of navigation, around 200Miles sailing in a flat sea. We had the possibility of relaxing and enjoy the smooth navigation, even standing upright inside the cabin instead of crawling with feet and hands as usual in the Momo with everything but flat calm.
Temperatures has been the warmest, not a drop of rain and dry nights. We enjoyed a slow sailing along the South shores of Cornwall with its round green hills. Off Plymouth we took the chance of a flattest surface to take a look from very close distance to the century old Eddystone Lighthouse which was built in substitution of the oldest brother, best known as Smeaton’s tower that served the navigators of the English Channel from as early as AD 1759 and can still be seen on top of Plymouth’s The Hoe. The base of Smiton’s tower is still laying few meters from the new one.

What a pleasure visiting the Sound of Plymouth in such a glorious sun. We sailed between the numerous signals and towers and buoys that make this waters one of the best training fields for sailing in Great Britain.

Yes, we did it!
We sailed this heavy shell of rusty steel all through the Ocean!


One thought on “Welcome to England

  1. Enjoy a calm and relaxed time. Grande Francesco sono felice per the!! Che bel viaggio hai fatto e come mi piace il tuo modo di raccontare la vita.

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