The Momo is a TV Star!

Real afecionado readers of this blog, people who followed it from the very beginning in the time when I was struggling in the Dominican Republic to have my boat ready and cross the Atlantic, will remember for sure about the Momo. Momo is the little black rusty piece of steel on which I crossed the Atlantic.

She was unhandy, she was not fast and she was rolling like hell. She had good points though: she was stable on her course like a truck on an highway. She was sturdy and you end up appreciating stiffness on a boat when you sail blindly full speed in a dark ocean.

But I must confess that my sailing on the Momo has been uncomfortable more often than comfortable. I never, ever manage to be comfortable in a seat even just for a second. The cockpit was a sharp box and the saloon had nowhere to stay comfortable for a while.
But yes, she delivered her crew safely across the pond, and when a reasonably long passage is safely completed some kind of love develops between the mariner and the boat. Yes, I love the Momo. I gladly remember my days on her deep wamb. And I am happy when I know that she is safe and good, wobbling in a green creek, somewhere in North Europe.

Why am I writing this, more than one year after my navigation with the Momo? Simply because she is now starred in a TV program broadcasted in Norway and telling the incredible story of a bunch of street artists who sailed on the Momo from Greece to the Caribbean performing shows for street children along the North-West coast of Africa and in Haiti.
They managed to sail with a basic knowledge of the sea and organized shows along the way. They made a remarkable job! Of course they are the stars but let me be romantic and think that the Momo is the protagonist of the story!
Have a look to the TV Episodes. They are in Norwegian with no subtitles, but still very enjoyable!



One thought on “The Momo is a TV Star!

  1. Lunga vita al MOMO!
    E fortissimi questi ragazzi svedesi!!

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